Drugstore Deals: Neutrals

I bought the Rimmel Trio below when I was looking for a cheap neutral palette. It is Rimmel’s Glam Eyes 621 “Orion” ($4.99). I love all three shades together or used separately. The largest midtone brown is great for throwing on with just mascara on the weekends.
I really wanted to be more impressed with Maybelline’s Color Tattoo in “Tough as Taupe” ($6.99). I love their shade “Bad to the Bronze” and use it often. The taupe shade just doesn’t last as well on my lids, and I find it more difficult to blend evenly. Thinking I may try using it in a smudgy eyeliner look. Generally I’m impressed with the whole line of Color Tattoo shadows and this one certainly won’t keep me from trying others!



In honor of all the athletes going for the gold in Sochi I’ve done up my eyes with my favorite golden eyeshadow products. On me, it comes off as more of a subtle/natural look. Great for pairing with a bright lip and winged liner. Which, sadly, I omitted as I was rushing to get to work this morning. I am a light touch with my makeup (sometimes too light) on a day to day basis. I love these colors though, and Sephora’s “Blonde Ambition” has become a fast favorite of mine. A nice change from the usual taupes and bronzes I grab. Sephora’s “Sandcastle” matte shadow matches my skin fairly well and works as a great base. I put some of Cover Girl’s shadow pencil in “Flamed Out” along my lash line before applying Rimmel’s brown liner (though it is difficult to tell). Products used below are as follows:

Revlon’s Lash Potion in Blackened Brown
Rimmel’s Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kajahl in Brown
Cover Girl shadow pencil in Flamed Out (I think this was part of their Hunger Games Capitol Series)
Sephora Matte Shadow in Sandcastle*
Sephora Shimmer Shadow in Blonde Ambition*


* Sephora has revamped it’s line of eye shadows, and they can now be more easily de-potted and put in palettes. A great review of them all is here by Beautezine.com. They review all of the colors, and I found it particularly helpful. Currently Sephora is running a special deal. If you purchase at least 2 FULL price shadows you can get a 3-pan palette free. If you purchase at least 4 FULL price shadows you can get a 6-pan palette at no charge. This will not work with shadows that are on sale. Here is a link to the details on the Sephora website!


I surrender.

whiteflagI can’t do BB creams. I. Just. Can’t. Spending more than 10 minutes doing my makeup on a daily basis has never been a talent of mine. BB Creams seem like the ideal I have been seeking. “All-In-One!” Yes! “SPF!” Yes! “Will make you look perfect!” YES! Sign me up, I will sell my soul for your product. Alas, tis but a dream. Expensive products aside (NARS, YSL, etc.), the lack of shades means it took forever for me just to find a product worth trying. Some have spf, some don’t…some covered but were too oily, others were just a tinted moisturizer in disguise. I broke down recently and decided to try Rimmel’s BB cream. 20130608_152339 While the color was the closest I’d come to for a match, the formula was way to thick for my combo/oily skin. (FYI there is Shea butter on the ingredient list. My fault for not noticing that in store.) After a couple hours I couldn’t bear the heavy feel, or worrying that my face was overly shiny. If you’re like me and have some scarring from previous spots/blemishes you will need to touch up those areas with concealer. Normally most BB’s don’t provide that kind of coverage. As for me I will be going back to my usual “self-made tints.” Revlon’s ColorStay in Buff is what I use daily, applied after my spf moisturizer with a latex-free makeup sponge. Usually I just dot and blend it around where I feel necessary. On more casual makeup days I will mix a drop or two with whatever moisturizer I’m using and blend with my fingers. Since I would have to apply the BB’s with spf practically everywhere on my face for sun protection anyways, keeping my spf/moisture routine separate from my foundation makes sense. This way I ensure full moisture/spf coverage while only using my cover-up where necessary.