Drugstore deals.

I don’t consider myself an expert at makeup or skincare, but I do love to a) find a good deal or dupe that works for less and b) occasionally splurge on high end items (Sephora I’m lookin at you). Currently I am saving towards the goal of home ownership so Drugstore deals have really been my focus. I’ll save a splurge post for later. Guys, don’t think I’ve forgotten you! I have a brother always asking for suggestions and will be posting stuff for you eventually as well. I can always tell what my brother likes because there are numerous almost empty and half full containers scattered around his bathroom.

With drugstore brands I always suggest looking for coupons and joining any free drugstore rewards programs. I haven’t paid full price for mascara in ages! Speaking of, I really like Revlon’s Lash Potion and Grow Luscious line. Fits my budget and gets the job done.

Aveeno lotion has also been a saver this winter for me. Unscented, and just the right consistency for body and little touch ups if I have flaking on my face. (Small spots, I wouldn’t suggest slathering it all over one’s face.) Great for gals and guys. Easy to find in travel friendly tubes as well.

Garnier’s roll on under eye dark circle treatment really surprised me. I don’t believe it’s helping my dark circles much, but it serves as a nice base for concealer and eye shadow (it also is available without color). I was intimidated at first because it looks a bit orange rolling on. The roller feels nice under and around my eyes, and once blended with my fingers it looked fine. Checking my makeup at the end of the day I was surprised how well my eye shadow had held up.

Coupon in hand I also was curious to try Herbal Essences new “naked” line of hair products. Aimed at consumers who are looking for less nasty stuff in their hair care, I bought the mousse. Though I am really not too picky about products. (This has no silicone or colorant.) Mousse is one of the very few hair products I occasionally use. This got the job done well and has a nice understated minty smell. A huge plus as I am not a fan of over perfumed products.

Lastly, I picked up Revlon’s “Trade Winds” buff colored nail polish. I have a notoriously tough time finding nude nail colors that don’t give me zombie hands. This shade has just enough warmth to it, but not so much that it appears orange on me.

As always, to each their own. What works for me may not for you. Hopefully my little reviews help when feeling overwhelmed in store.


I surrender.

whiteflagI can’t do BB creams. I. Just. Can’t. Spending more than 10 minutes doing my makeup on a daily basis has never been a talent of mine. BB Creams seem like the ideal I have been seeking. “All-In-One!” Yes! “SPF!” Yes! “Will make you look perfect!” YES! Sign me up, I will sell my soul for your product. Alas, tis but a dream. Expensive products aside (NARS, YSL, etc.), the lack of shades means it took forever for me just to find a product worth trying. Some have spf, some don’t…some covered but were too oily, others were just a tinted moisturizer in disguise. I broke down recently and decided to try Rimmel’s BB cream. 20130608_152339¬†While the color was the closest I’d come to for a match, the formula was way to thick for my combo/oily skin. (FYI there is Shea butter on the ingredient list. My fault for not noticing that in store.) After a couple hours I couldn’t bear the heavy feel, or worrying that my face was overly shiny. If you’re like me and have some scarring from previous spots/blemishes you will need to touch up those areas with concealer. Normally most BB’s don’t provide that kind of coverage. As for me I will be going back to my usual “self-made tints.” Revlon’s ColorStay in Buff is what I use daily, applied after my spf moisturizer with a latex-free makeup sponge. Usually I just dot and blend it around where I feel necessary. On more casual makeup days I will mix a drop or two with whatever moisturizer I’m using and blend with my fingers. Since I would have to apply the BB’s with spf practically everywhere on my face for sun protection anyways, keeping my spf/moisture routine separate from my foundation makes sense. This way I ensure full moisture/spf coverage while only using my cover-up where necessary.

Cover Girl Natureluxe Gloss Balm (Hibiscus and Pinot)

Generally I enjoy splurging on one or two pricier lipsticks. Then there are the times the colorful selections of shiny new drugstore items overrule my reservations. Less than ten dollars! Why not! Sometimes there is just a good feeling in walking out of the store having some new makeup to play with, and zero buyer’s remorse. Cover Girl has never been my favorite of the drugstore makeup stock, but these two CG Natureluxe gloss balms were a decent buy. Hibiscus is a rosy-neutral pink, great for every day wear. Pinot is a plum with shimmer, and works well day to evening. Natureluxe’s slogan “luxury touched by nature” is a bit far fetched for the products though. While not a bad buy for the price ($6.50 at Target), I don’t find them very moisturizing (I find Pinot a bit drying actually). Pinot has more color, but like most balms/glosses they won’t last long and you will need to reapply after any eating or drinking. At under ten bucks I don’t feel I was short changed, but I probably won’t repurchasing.


Cheap Saturday.

I like to keep little things that I use on a regular basis close at hand. This is especially true when I’m half awake putting myself together for work weekday mornings. In order to keep my bathroom counter, or dresser top, from looking too cluttered I find it useful to place things in little inexpensive dishes. Only I usually won’t pay the extra cash for the actual labeled “jewelry dish” in a store. There are plenty of cheaper alternatives to be had. Places like HomeGoods, and of course Goodwill, are always overflowing with housewares (just be sure to check for cracks/chips/etc.). The trick is not to limit yourself to just one area, but still have a clear idea of what to look for. The examples below are small dishes I found on sale at Target (each were less than $5 on sale). I wanted either white or clear glass, simple shapes, no patterns and not plastic. The little square dish will be just right for holding rings or lip balm on my nightstand, and I have the longer small dish in mind for eye and lip pencils.ImageImage