Drugstore Deals: Neutrals

I bought the Rimmel Trio below when I was looking for a cheap neutral palette. It is Rimmel’s Glam Eyes 621 “Orion” ($4.99). I love all three shades together or used separately. The largest midtone brown is great for throwing on with just mascara on the weekends.
I really wanted to be more impressed with Maybelline’s Color Tattoo in “Tough as Taupe” ($6.99). I love their shade “Bad to the Bronze” and use it often. The taupe shade just doesn’t last as well on my lids, and I find it more difficult to blend evenly. Thinking I may try using it in a smudgy eyeliner look. Generally I’m impressed with the whole line of Color Tattoo shadows and this one certainly won’t keep me from trying others!


“Black Cherry” by Revlon

Rarely do I ever remember to apply lipstick after I leave my apartment in the morning. “Black Cherry” by Revlon may change that. I put it on my fall list after reading Meg’s review of Revlon’s Just Bitten balm stains from¬†lipssofacto.com. She has good insights on products (U.K. and U.S.), and I encourage you to check out her blog. In tube Black Cherry looks deceivingly dark and gothic. Slicked on it is a lovely plum/wine color. I purchased mine at CVS for $8.99 (with a $3 reward back for all you CVS ExtraBucks people). Top left and swatches were taken in natural light. Top right was taken indoors.Black Cherry - Revlon

I surrender.

whiteflagI can’t do BB creams. I. Just. Can’t. Spending more than 10 minutes doing my makeup on a daily basis has never been a talent of mine. BB Creams seem like the ideal I have been seeking. “All-In-One!” Yes! “SPF!” Yes! “Will make you look perfect!” YES! Sign me up, I will sell my soul for your product. Alas, tis but a dream. Expensive products aside (NARS, YSL, etc.), the lack of shades means it took forever for me just to find a product worth trying. Some have spf, some don’t…some covered but were too oily, others were just a tinted moisturizer in disguise. I broke down recently and decided to try Rimmel’s BB cream. 20130608_152339¬†While the color was the closest I’d come to for a match, the formula was way to thick for my combo/oily skin. (FYI there is Shea butter on the ingredient list. My fault for not noticing that in store.) After a couple hours I couldn’t bear the heavy feel, or worrying that my face was overly shiny. If you’re like me and have some scarring from previous spots/blemishes you will need to touch up those areas with concealer. Normally most BB’s don’t provide that kind of coverage. As for me I will be going back to my usual “self-made tints.” Revlon’s ColorStay in Buff is what I use daily, applied after my spf moisturizer with a latex-free makeup sponge. Usually I just dot and blend it around where I feel necessary. On more casual makeup days I will mix a drop or two with whatever moisturizer I’m using and blend with my fingers. Since I would have to apply the BB’s with spf practically everywhere on my face for sun protection anyways, keeping my spf/moisture routine separate from my foundation makes sense. This way I ensure full moisture/spf coverage while only using my cover-up where necessary.