Deals of the week.

Hello readers! With work, the holidays and then being ill for a few days I haven’t had much time to blog or non-holiday shop. So today I decided to take a stroll through HomeGoods. Clearance sales are everywhere this time of year so it is a perfect opportunity to browse shops. The fact that I am tight with my money is an understatement and after being in my apartment 2+ years it is high time I updated a few things. More “home” less “post-college” look. The least of which means hanging some non-poster art. Today I found two framed pieces at HomeGoods for $10 each on clearance, as well as a huge glass bottle of fancy dish-soap for $9.99 (which I will keep and re-use). The framed art will go perfectly with two other prints I ordered from artists on Etsy. I highly recommend Etsy because it is fun online browsing and there are some really good deals offered. Bargains below!

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BellesandGhosts print.GraceGallery print.

HomeGoods deals.

Cheap Saturday.

I like to keep little things that I use on a regular basis close at hand. This is especially true when I’m half awake putting myself together for work weekday mornings. In order to keep my bathroom counter, or dresser top, from looking too cluttered I find it useful to place things in little inexpensive dishes. Only I usually won’t pay the extra cash for the actual labeled “jewelry dish” in a store. There are plenty of cheaper alternatives to be had. Places like HomeGoods, and of course Goodwill, are always overflowing with housewares (just be sure to check for cracks/chips/etc.). The trick is not to limit yourself to just one area, but still have a clear idea of what to look for. The examples below are small dishes I found on sale at Target (each were less than $5 on sale). I wanted either white or clear glass, simple shapes, no patterns and not plastic. The little square dish will be just right for holding rings or lip balm on my nightstand, and I have the longer small dish in mind for eye and lip pencils.ImageImage