Three Wishes – February

My general philosophy when considering spending more on high-end makeup is that I am building a personal collection. Buying skin care or makeup items of quality and color that I know I will use. If I’m out to experiment with current fads, or a more ambitious shade, I head to the drugstore. That said, I do have an ever changing list of loves on Sephora that I wish I could splurge on all the time, but you know…a girl’s got bills to pay.

Here are my three wishes for February!

I’ve been a fan of Coco Mademoiselle for awhile, but have not ponied up the cash for the EDP yet. Then I saw Sephora carries the scent in a lotion. Lotions tend to be slightly cheaper, and much more gym/overnight bag friendly (in my opinion). I don’t slather it all over, instead I dab some on my neck, elbows, pulse points…you get the idea. Sometimes I end up enjoying the lotions better than the spray perfume.

Shiseido products are just as pricey as NARS. While in a smaller range of colors, they offer quality products. I came across this “Petal” shade of blush while browsing. Positive online reviews mean it has earned a spot on my wish list next to NARS shades  I’m curious about.

If you browse beauty blogs for tips and tricks like I do, STILA’s “Kitten” eye shadow is sure to be mentioned at some point. I want to see if it lives up to the hype.



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