In honor of all the athletes going for the gold in Sochi I’ve done up my eyes with my favorite golden eyeshadow products. On me, it comes off as more of a subtle/natural look. Great for pairing with a bright lip and winged liner. Which, sadly, I omitted as I was rushing to get to work this morning. I am a light touch with my makeup (sometimes too light) on a day to day basis. I love these colors though, and Sephora’s “Blonde Ambition” has become a fast favorite of mine. A nice change from the usual taupes and bronzes I grab.¬†Sephora’s “Sandcastle” matte shadow matches my skin fairly well and works as a great base. I put some of Cover Girl’s shadow pencil in “Flamed Out” along my lash line before applying Rimmel’s brown liner (though it is difficult to tell). Products used below are as follows:

Revlon’s Lash Potion in Blackened Brown
Rimmel’s Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kajahl in Brown
Cover Girl shadow pencil in Flamed Out (I think this was part of their Hunger Games Capitol Series)
Sephora Matte Shadow in Sandcastle*
Sephora Shimmer Shadow in Blonde Ambition*


* Sephora has revamped it’s line of eye shadows, and they can now be more easily de-potted and put in palettes. A great review of them all is here by They review all of the colors, and I found it particularly helpful. Currently Sephora is running a special deal. If you purchase at least 2 FULL price shadows you can get a 3-pan palette free. If you purchase at least 4 FULL price shadows you can get a 6-pan palette at no charge. This will not work with shadows that are on sale. Here is a link to the details on the Sephora website!


Drugstore deals.

I don’t consider myself an expert at makeup or skincare, but I do love to a) find a good deal or dupe that works for less and b) occasionally splurge on high end items (Sephora I’m lookin at you). Currently I am saving towards the goal of home ownership so Drugstore deals have really been my focus. I’ll save a splurge post for later. Guys, don’t think I’ve forgotten you! I have a brother always asking for suggestions and will be posting stuff for you eventually as well. I can always tell what my brother likes because there are numerous almost empty and half full containers scattered around his bathroom.

With drugstore brands I always suggest looking for coupons and joining any free drugstore rewards programs. I haven’t paid full price for mascara in ages! Speaking of, I really like Revlon’s Lash Potion and Grow Luscious line. Fits my budget and gets the job done.

Aveeno lotion has also been a saver this winter for me. Unscented, and just the right consistency for body and little touch ups if I have flaking on my face. (Small spots, I wouldn’t suggest slathering it all over one’s face.) Great for gals and guys. Easy to find in travel friendly tubes as well.

Garnier’s roll on under eye dark circle treatment really surprised me. I don’t believe it’s helping my dark circles much, but it serves as a nice base for concealer and eye shadow (it also is available without color). I was intimidated at first because it looks a bit orange rolling on. The roller feels nice under and around my eyes, and once blended with my fingers it looked fine. Checking my makeup at the end of the day I was surprised how well my eye shadow had held up.

Coupon in hand I also was curious to try Herbal Essences new “naked” line of hair products. Aimed at consumers who are looking for less nasty stuff in their hair care, I bought the mousse. Though I am really not too picky about products. (This has no silicone or colorant.) Mousse is one of the very few hair products I occasionally use. This got the job done well and has a nice understated minty smell. A huge plus as I am not a fan of over perfumed products.

Lastly, I picked up Revlon’s “Trade Winds” buff colored nail polish. I have a notoriously tough time finding nude nail colors that don’t give me zombie hands. This shade has just enough warmth to it, but not so much that it appears orange on me.

As always, to each their own. What works for me may not for you. Hopefully my little reviews help when feeling overwhelmed in store.