Deals of the week.

Hello readers! With work, the holidays and then being ill for a few days I haven’t had much time to blog or non-holiday shop. So today I decided to take a stroll through HomeGoods. Clearance sales are everywhere this time of year so it is a perfect opportunity to browse shops. The fact that I am tight with my money is an understatement and after being in my apartment 2+ years it is high time I updated a few things. More “home” less “post-college” look. The least of which means hanging some non-poster art. Today I found two framed pieces at HomeGoods for $10 each on clearance, as well as a huge glass bottle of fancy dish-soap for $9.99 (which I will keep and re-use). The framed art will go perfectly with two other prints I ordered from artists on Etsy. I highly recommend Etsy because it is fun online browsing and there are some really good deals offered. Bargains below!

Etsy screenshot

Shop Etsy!

BellesandGhosts print.GraceGallery print.

HomeGoods deals.


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