First Ladies

History is a school subject that is all too easily generalized. Limited time and resources are largely to blame, and one group I feel becomes largely overlooked in United States history are the “First Ladies” (or hostesses of the Executive branch). Enter C-SPAN and their series on these women. The First Ladies are as varied in time and personality as the Presidents they support. C-SPAN is not a company known for its entertainment value, and while a couple of the segments can be quite dry, the value of this series should not be shortchanged. If anything it may encourage you to seek out and read more about select First Women of the United States. I myself already have a short list of reading to pick up. All segments of the show can be viewed (free) on the C-SPAN First Ladies: Influence and Image web page. At this stage C-SPAN has covered up through Eleanor Roosevelt.

First LadiesBelow are a few suggestions on where to begin:
Grace Coolidge (1923-1929)
Helen Taft (1909-1913)
Julia Grant (1869-1877)
Martha Washington (1789-1797)


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