Cover Girl Natureluxe Gloss Balm (Hibiscus and Pinot)

Generally I enjoy splurging on one or two pricier lipsticks. Then there are the times the colorful selections of shiny new drugstore items overrule my reservations. Less than ten dollars! Why not! Sometimes there is just a good feeling in walking out of the store having some new makeup to play with, and zero buyer’s remorse. Cover Girl has never been my favorite of the drugstore makeup stock, but these two CG Natureluxe gloss balms were a decent buy. Hibiscus is a rosy-neutral pink, great for every day wear. Pinot is a plum with shimmer, and works well day to evening. Natureluxe’s slogan “luxury touched by nature” is a bit far fetched for the products though. While not a bad buy for the price ($6.50 at Target), I don’t find them very moisturizing (I find Pinot a bit drying actually). Pinot has more color, but like most balms/glosses they won’t last long and you will need to reapply after any eating or drinking. At under ten bucks I don’t feel I was short changed, but I probably won’t repurchasing.



One thought on “Cover Girl Natureluxe Gloss Balm (Hibiscus and Pinot)

  1. Hibiscus is so pretty – but the name pinot is so tempting! Probably as its Friday and I want a wine….Shame these aren’t in the UK but I enjoyed reading 🙂 x

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