All things Gatsby

In high school I never was required to read Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby.” (*gasp* I know.) Now that Baz Luhrmann (one of my favorite film directors) is rolling out his lush version of the film, I finally picked up my paperback copy and read the story. Long before my reading this past weekend I have been a fan of “roaring 20’s” pop culture and style. Including doing an art history report on Erté, one of the most famous of Deco artists. flapperstyle


Featured books: The Great Gatsby (F. Scott Fitzgerald )

Flapper: A Madcap Story of Sex, Style, Celebrity and the Women Who Made America Modern (Joshua Zeitz)

Beaded Dress by Aidan Mattox. I bought this half price, after waiting and scouring BlueFly for-ev-er. Sadly, I don’t believe this exact dress is available but if you want to splurge they have many other beautiful designs. I will also include links to Haute Hippie (definitely more expensive), and LuLu’s. They all have 20’s-esque party dresses from time to time. Unless you are costume shopping, I find that 20’s-style clothing is something you just have to keep your eyes open for. Whether it is online or in store. Originally I saw, tried on and subsequently fell in love with the Mattox dress in a Nordstrom. However I didn’t buy it until I hunted it down on If you have a specific brand in mind EBay sometimes can be a blessing (just be sure it is a trusted seller).

There are SO, so many 20’s makeup tips online. Included here is generally what I use. Google and YouTube are full of helpful tutorials (there are many talented makeup mavens out there)!

Lip – I find Berry, or Wine reds look more “vintage.” Below: Revlon lip balm stain in Crush. Honorable mention goes to Revlon lipstick in Black Cherry and Wine With Everything. Cheek – below I have MAC Tenderling. It is a neutral rosy shade. Honorable mention to MAC blush Pinch Me (a brighter rose). Eyes – below I have Maybelline Full’N Soft waterproof mascara in Very Black. The three shadows are: MAC Print (dark satin grey), MAC Quarry (neutral mauve-grey) and Sephora brand shadow in Red Wine (matte). Honorable mention to Maybelline EyeStudio Color Tattoo in Pomegranate Punk, Tough as Taupe, and Edgy Emerald. Vintage bag, drawing, etc. courtesy of myself.


Birthday Treats

I’ve had my eye on this perfume for a few months, and received it as a birthday present today! It is Prada Infusion d’Iris (Eau de Toilet). I almost always have at least one bottle of more expensive perfume on hand, especially scents that I find are wearable year-round. A higher quality scent lasts longer, and one spritz will last me all day. I can’t stress this enough. ONE. SPRITZ. Don’t be the woman who has squiggly smell lines following her as she walks by. Don’t be that girl. On me this perfume has a soft floral scent, since I am light-handed on fragrance I don’t find it overpowering. $66 for 1.7 oz at Sephora (I paid a bit less since I used a 15% off coupon.)

Cover Girl Natureluxe Gloss Balm (Hibiscus and Pinot)

Generally I enjoy splurging on one or two pricier lipsticks. Then there are the times the colorful selections of shiny new drugstore items overrule my reservations. Less than ten dollars! Why not! Sometimes there is just a good feeling in walking out of the store having some new makeup to play with, and zero buyer’s remorse. Cover Girl has never been my favorite of the drugstore makeup stock, but these two CG Natureluxe gloss balms were a decent buy. Hibiscus is a rosy-neutral pink, great for every day wear. Pinot is a plum with shimmer, and works well day to evening. Natureluxe’s slogan “luxury touched by nature” is a bit far fetched for the products though. While not a bad buy for the price ($6.50 at Target), I don’t find them very moisturizing (I find Pinot a bit drying actually). Pinot has more color, but like most balms/glosses they won’t last long and you will need to reapply after any eating or drinking. At under ten bucks I don’t feel I was short changed, but I probably won’t repurchasing.