Shower Curtain.

I have had this shower curtain for some time, but a lot of people I know get a kick out of it. That being said I think it deserves a shout out. I was looking for an interesting way to update my bathroom decor when I came across the “Pin up Girl” shower curtain from Sin in Linen.

What drew me to it obviously was the fun print, and also that it was black/white/gray. This way I could pick any accent color for my bath accessories. The fabric is soft 100% cotton, meaning when I get tired of it in my bath it will be easy to re-purpose for other decorating ideas (should I ever be brave enough to try the sewing machine sitting in my closet). I bought the curtain rings at Target, though I’m not sure they are in stock any longer. The collage is what I made for decoration from pages of a pin-up book found at Barnes & Noble on clearance.showercurtainpinupcollage


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