Rainy Day.

Aside from reading a good book, I love spend a rainy day with a cup of tea and browsing the web. A couple of years ago I came across this online mecca of Asian fashion yesstyle.com. Seeing what styles are offered in other countries interests me, even more so if I can try some things out myself! Yesstyle is certainly not lacking in the amount of products they offer, and it can be overwhelming at times. I have ordered from the site once, and the quality vs. price of the clothing was what I would expect. None of the fabric felt too thin, but their sizing does run rather small across the board. Petite persons will benefit from this, but limited sizing options might make buying anything other than accessories hit-and-miss for others. My delivery arrived via DHL, which was frustrating as they would not leave the package at my apartment office. (I can not say how they are with returns since I kept all the items I purchased.) One final note – they apparently have a retail store in San Francisco, CA. If anyone has visited there, how was it?


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