Lasting Finish by Kate (Rimmel London)

Truth be told I don’t have large makeup collection, but I do enjoy experimenting with my fair share of products. One thing I am picky about are lipsticks. I have a couple of more expensive lipsticks in my bag because, to me, they feel better on my lips and have a better color payoff.  (I budget in other areas so I can splurge on a few luxuries without breaking the bank.) That being said, I am certainly not above trying drugstore products. Awhile back I used up my NARS Dolce Vita lipstick and have been looking for a cheaper day-to-day alternative. Lasting Finish by Kate for Rimmel London in Rossetto (08) is what I picked up. At Target it costs about $5. I was pleasantly surprised by the neutral pink color, and it does not dry out my lips. For less than ten dollars I definitely feel as though I got my moneys worth.




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